FAEZEH-SEYEDARABI  Lecturer, Consultant
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Personalised Search Tool for Teacher

The revised (second) research prototype, was then designed and developed using teachers feedback and AltaVista search engine or language. In total, 75 teachers where involved in this case study from which 30 evaluated the revised search  tool only.

Revised search tool screenshot

Revised tool Codes

The first research prototype was designed and developed in order to act as the mediator or front-end between teachers’ pedagogical expressions (professional language) and, Google search engine. In this case study, 45 teachers evaluated the first search tool.

First search tool screenshot

First tool Codes

Home. Teaching. Publications. Games. Karate. Contact. © 2013 Faezeh Seyedarabi

Faezeh is a web accessibility consultant at Test Partners and Visiting lecturer at City University.        

She recently investigated the search options and features teachers need when personalising their online search for teaching resources. The aim of this study was to make web searching easier for teachers in the future by means of identifying  information needs and search behaviour model of teachers.

This novel and user-focused model, was obtained using representative case studies of teachers and a mixed method approach that was carried out in a two phase iterative case study, involving 75 teachers.  

Resived tool Demo

Selected publications    

First tool Demo


The Revised Search Tool

The First Search Tool

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